Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Scrapbook Magazine free papers ...

Sue and I decided the free papers in Issue 49 of Scrapbook magazine were too good to waste so, so in our efforts to once again get printed, we thought we would see how many items we could make from the free papers. We started off with six A4 pieces of Bo Bunny Paper. I managed to create
  1. Four  -  8x8 layouts
  2. Eleven  Christmas Cards
  3. Three  gift tags
  4. Two mini books One for cards the other for shopping and gifts
  5.  One Mini circle book
So all in all 21 different items from 6 pieces of A4 papers I took a group photo and some close ups One of my Layouts I am really proud of I did some doodling and doodled holly leaves and berries and coloured them in I am really pleased with how they turned out The LO was a trip to Liverpool last year doing some Christmas shopping 

Sue has her wonderful creation feature on her lovely blog, "didn't we do well "http://sue-bubbles.blogspot.com/  I really enjoyed using all these free papers which were really nice papers, I think maybe I should make of an effort to use the free papers from magazines.  Also it now means I am doing well making this years Christmas's cards I really love receiving handcrafted Christmas cards as well as making them.

Now to sit and see if we both get a mention in Scrapbook Magzine after all our efforts

Extra sparkles for Val for her appointment, thinking of you hun

Not  long now to my pain clinic appointment I really hope they can help and make my pain more manageable

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Bring me Sunshine Tag

I love making tags and wanted to use a stamp I picked up cheap (£1) so I combined the two and come up with this sunshine tag 

I also made another Christmas card to add to my collection ready for Christmas

I have arthritis in both my feet and my ankles swell out like balloons, despite medication to help so getting to shoes to fit and be comfortable and also look remotely stylish is a major issue. Well hubbie and I went to a hotter concept wear shoe shop at an outlet village, the poor girl who was helping us had every shoe my size off the shelves, putting them on for me and taking them off. Just when I had almost given up she came up with this blue pair of shoes, which I described as Grannie fied lol but they fit, and were adjustable which is just what I need so they may not be the most stylish or the most trendy but they fit and I quite like them now I have them. Now do I  NEED a blue handbag or rather shoulder bag to go with them lol ...


Tag Swop - DoCrafts forum

These are my sparkling tags I made to swop with Fiona in the recent tag swop on the docraft forum

Altered Ikea frames