Sunday, 19 December 2010

19th December - Let is Snow, Let it snow, Let it snow !!!

Yesterday we had snow, and its been very cold. Our dog who's 14 seems to love the snow and keeps asking to go out and play in it, he been sniffing it and sticking his head in bushes with it on and getting covered in it, So I though I would share a photo of him exploring what snow is. in my journal


18th December -Christmas Tradtions

Before we were married my husband and I gave each other a padded card, and every year we put these two cards out and add a new message every year to them. We also buy in my hubby case, and make in my case a card for each other We have been filling in our original cards for 15 years now so they are almost full, not sure what we will do then???any ideas??? what I do know is that I love reading the messages in both the cards and think its a wonderful thing to have and pass on in the future to our loved ones.

17th December -

More gift wrapping so no photo today. It takes ages to wrap gifts and makes my hands so sore but I love to do some we wrap the gifts together hubby and I, as we have been wrapping them I have made a list of what we got and who we got it for so I will include this in my journal.

16 th December Christmas Journal

I have been more or less keeping up with the journal on a daily basis but getting it on here has been more of an issue but finally playing catch up Today we had to go to the shops for shopping Mike gave me his Christmas card before I went out so I posed in front of our tree with it  LOL see I do wear the silly hats:)                                                                                                                        

15th December Christmas Journal

Today I was writing out christmas cards, and wrapping up presents,  :) The little pamper baskket on the right was one I put together :) yes I know its green I also did a purple and lemon one, but took a photo of the green one lol.

14 December

No photos to blog will add some later we had visitors                                                                                         

13th December

Today we went to Manchester City centre to see the Christmas Markets. We got a selection of cheeses for christmas and had our lunch out. I love the Santa window display in one of the shop windows lol                                                                                           

My christmas Hats 12th December

Today I had nothing much to blog so I blogged my winter hats, I do love a silly hat   


Wednesday, 15 December 2010

11 th December Christmas Journal

Today was our Christmas Do at the crop I got to we had a wonderful time
                                                             Then after the crop we went to Allan and Elaine's for tea, then a carol service What a fab day, I was shattered, very sore, but very happy

10th December Christmas Journal

Mainly a do nothing day

9th December Christmas Journal

Today would have been my MIL birthday she passed away earlier this year, so it was a hard day to get through, but we tried to remember the good times and toasted her memory with a brew, she loved a brew. Later in the day went to get some essential shopping at Asda mainly dog food, we also got some Christmas bits and bobs, Also a gift for my friends son and his partners baby "Trafford" a beautiful baby boy hes so cute. Outside Asda they had a Winter warmers van and were giving free drinks of hot chocolate, they had a igloo for the children to sit in a snowman and chairs it looked very festive

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

8th December - Wrapping gifts to be posted

Today I wrapped my grandson and grandaughter christmas gifts to send through the post, also My grandson birthday gifts. We had a nice lunch. and I hung the fairy Maria sent me made out of pasta but oh so wonderful on my christmas tree

7th December christmas Journal

I was not too well today, but hubbie went to shops and got me my mags, but did not read them as kept falling asleep

Monday, 6 December 2010

Finally I have up to date with my christmas Journal 6th December

This evening we decorated our tree and finished decorating our mantle so it all looks very cosy and a lot like Christmas in out lounge

5th December

Today I was not well at all so after taking extra meds and towards evening feeling a little better, I decided to have play with some buttons and see if I could make wreaths
Firstly I cut a rough circle out of card Then I sorted out some buttons of similar colours together

I then laid one layer of bigger button round the circle on top of the card with no glue at this point, then I added glue via a hot glue gun ( I needed help with this bit) then I layered up the buttons

If anyone would like a step by step guide putting up for the button wreaths I will if requested

4th December The tree is down

Today we got the tree out and put it up and started to put the lights onto it Also we started to do the Mantle for Christmas We have purchased a Mantle runner which is wonderful and very festive

3rd December Christmas Journal

Playing Catch up as needed ink for printer so I could complete my journal pages. Today was My friends husband and My Daughter in laws birthday so we went visiting to hand out presants. and cards

2nd December Christmas Journal

Today we went to antique and junk place we love to try to find some Christmas gifts Its all dry so no ice and snow we had a fab time and lots of giggles

Thursday, 2 December 2010

My version of the second Tag of christmas (Tim Holtz)

Today is really cold and temperatures of up to -12 forecast for Manchester this evening...burr!!! so we have the heating up and keeping warm Today I made a Christmas card, I also did my version of Tim holtz second tag of Christmas I could not find the stamp I wanted to use so it was very widely interpreted but still here it is

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Christmas Journal 2010...Day One

Well today we opened advent calendars, mine had a train in it. Ithen  put up the first two christmas cards we have recieved, on the mantle piece. I do love handcrafted christmas cards. Hubbie helped me get some photos of outside and even me outside. We decided as the route to the car was ok to walk on, snow no ice, mind you it took ages to get to the car, we would go out for the afternoon to an antique and junk converted mill. We had a good time there even though we only did one floor, it has three but ones enough even though I spent most of that sat down We also had lunch there and had a fab time

Altered Ikea frames