Friday, 9 December 2011

My grandson decorated our christmas tree this year

Our tree had been out but bare for several days waiting to be decorated so when our grandson came round he decorated the tree for us hes 11 years okld and did a fab job his grandad was helping him choose what to put on next and he placed them all on the tree. Then he had his dad (my son) take a photo of the tree to check I dont move anything lol I would not dream of it this year tree feels so special decorated by our grandson

I did make sure a special little ornament form my childhood had pride of place a little trumpet that still works I rember my Dad buys several from Woolworth and being so proud of them, my father and mother loved christmas so in their memory I display this trumpet evey year on the tree

I really must get on with some more tags Iam falling behind

Monday, 5 December 2011

Tag Number 5

Ok I know where is 4 its coming I made 5 as a tag I could put on my christmas tree as I thought Tim Holtz tag lent itself  to being a tree decoration

Tim tag

My version of Tim tag a star for our christmas tree

Christmas Tags all present and correct...

I thought I would take some time to make my own gift tags this year ready for when we wrap the christmas presents I put them into colour codes and type to make the wrapping easier

they are very addictive to make lol

Sunday, 4 December 2011

My christmas Bead Angel

I promised to show Maria, Gina and Sue this little angel but it got lost under a mountain of craft stuff and then did not want to be photograph so this was the best out of eight attempts

Now to show you the reason I could not find it

hehe my desk is under that mountain of craft stuff

Friday, 2 December 2011

The Twelve tags of christmas My version of tag one

I did not have the Tim holtz fir cone die so I just cut out similar shape and rolled on chopstick I love the twelve tags of christmas last year I managed to make two I want to try to beat that this year

Now to see what number two is like and maybe make a start :)

Altered Ikea frames