Wednesday, 31 March 2010

April challenge Layout on Do Crafts scrapbooking forum (just for fun)

Some time back I started a monthly challenge on the docraft forum All those that want to join in sign up and we take it in turns to set the challenge this month its my turn

I had a good think about this and decided I did not want to make it too easy, so I thought some more and this is what I came up with...drum roll...

The challenge:-

The title  of the page must contain a song title which has "rain" in it,

You may only use two colours of cause you can use shades of the same colour,

At least one  handcrafted embellishment must be somewhere on the layout. But I would love to see more

Also as many of us have been using Tim Holtz techiques and pads I would like to see something Tim Holtzish on the layout be it a die cut, ink, flowers, tags anything of that kind

Now I hope I,ve given enough of a challenge I cannot wait to see what you come in with

Now who wants to play? If you would like to join us doing this fun challenge no prizes just for fun and to try new things come along to docrafts forums and on to the scrapbook section we would love to have you join in We have some very talented ladies on the docraft forum I can't wait to see what they come up with

Friday, 26 March 2010

Done messing with My little derelict house ...Now the question is ?

Did I improve it or destroy it I added the dorma windows, changed the door colour, added pink lace and ivy growing up the walls I think it improved it a little but I still would not make another lol

Today I,ve been playing with my new impress pens which were a bargain at £18 from QVC outlet store :). I decided to try a new techique, so I  coloured  in the pad in  several colours, then spritzing with water, it gives a wonderful watercoloured effect. I also did a close up section of one flower, I am sure this is called something, but not a clue as to what? I also inked the edges of the card it was mounted on to, then stamped the background in toning colours I added a ribbon gems and buttons to finish off I had great fun making these.

£10 christmas challenge more idears for free "stuff "

  1. 1 Used bus tickets
  2. Used bingo tickets
  3.  Used train tickets  thanks goes to Gina for these fab idears and like Gina says these things cost so much to buy if we know anyone who can get us some for free they are fab for alter art and Tim Holtz style projects 

Keep those idears coming ....

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Tales from Saturdays Crop...lessons in building a derelict house

The afternoon class at crop was to build a beautiful little house What I produced was less perfect and more like a derelict house see photo on right I am attempting to make it look a little better, I could always sit on it, that might help Will I be making another, no, did it nearly make me swear, yes. I have messed with house since so will post photo soon of my attempts at improving it, well lets face it it could not get any worse lol The other ladies made very nice houses

I have also been crocheting some more cushion covers

Also been having a little place with Tim holtz distress and some new stamps 


Saturday, 20 March 2010

Blog hop wanna win some whimsies My take

The sketch we had to work off

My take on the sketch It a very rare photo of my oldest son and I hence the title

Friday, 19 March 2010

Crochet Cushion cover and cushion for Christmas 2010

I started this for last christmas but never got it finished in time so finally it finished so It will go into my store of items made for  christmas 2010 :)

I have just started making another in red and black

Christmas 2010 £10 Challenge

Thank you all for your wonderful comments and emails regarding this challenge. Of cause I dont mind if you join in and thank you for all your idears for free "stuff"

Sue and Pat are joining me on this challenge

Idears for free stuff
  1. free dvds from newspapers (thanks for that one sue)
  2. free stuff from freecycle (thanks Carmen)
  3. snipping buttons off old clothes, popping them in coffee jar that you have decorsted free embellishments (thanks Carmen)
  4. Entering Blog candies as many as you can you never know (again thanks Carmen)
  5. Also competitons (thanks Carmen)
  6. Yes Tracy buy one free items do count 
  7. Sall what a good idear re gifting Im sure I must have something 

In fact I am going to save three old jars the same maybe coffee jars decorate, I will fill one with buttons from old clothes One with handmade embellisments with free papers and buttons and odd bits and bobs I have got free the The other I will fill with ribbons off clothes and some I have had given me and string

Any more idears are always welcome Also please feel free to join in I will get some photos up soon

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Little star card using Sizzix Clearlits Star

I used the sizzix clearlit star shaped die to make these two card I place the folded card so it left about a half inch section joining the two cards together. In the following examples I used purple for the base I then cut 2 full stars out to mount on top of the card so from the front of the card you view a full star. I then stamped a sun and moon stam twice so I could decoupage the image (anita's stamps) I then used a mix of whisper pens and H20's to colour in the image. I then added the all important dangly bit to the side of  the star and a knotted ribbon to finish The stamped greeting inside says best wishes  One of the dangly bits is a odd earring.
I think this shape could work very well for christmas cards as well :)

Saturday, 13 March 2010

£10 & free items christmas present challenge 2010 , My friend and I

My friend and are doing a £10 christmas gift challenge this year for each other. The rules are:-
  1.  The gift must only cost £10
  2.  However you can also included anything you get for free in with the gifts
  3.  In fact the more free gifts the better 
  4. Even the wrapping can be free so cuts down on cost 
  5. Some ribbon given to me by my daughter in law 

So free gifts with magazines, things you get free with soap powder, teabags etc, anything anyone gives you, free items you can send for. The friend I am doing this with has not yet discovered my blog, buts she sneaky and might so I cannot tell you everything My friend also crafts. I have so far but I will tell you a few items so you get the idear

  1. A set of screwdrivers three I got in a cracker:)
  2. A book I got from a bookshelves where you can exchange one for another so that makes it free
  3. Some free stash from a magazine 
We got the idear for this from claire who joinly runs our crop group she does it every year with her friend, and it sounded real fun, my friend thought so to so we agreed to try it Its great fun trying to think how to get free stuff

Now you have heard of our little game any idears for free stuff would be most welcome I want to give her the biggest present I can for only £10 I will photograph it all and share it later on in the year and maybe the odd items as I collect them

If any of you decided to join in this challenge please can you tell me so we can follow each other blogs and share idears :) 

Friday, 12 March 2010

Thank You Gina & Sue-Bubbles

Yesterday Miss Blue Jeans came to live at "Window Pane lane" She was most relieved to have arrived shes had had quite a stressful upbringing,  and had lived under a pile of stash paper, and bling since arriving into the world at the hands of a most talented crafter Sue-bubbles, and very dear friend, her blog can be found here
She is settling in very well she firstly had a bit of a lie down, it was dark and shes slept for ages, later after a light breakfast I took her down to "Window Pane Lane" Well on arrival she she got chatting to one of  her neighbours, Miss Star, who is a bit of a gossip being the oldest resident (I made her first lol) She invited her onto into her little hook, well they have been chattering away happily ever since in fact I feel she may be staying the night, I did here them moaning that no men live around here ...I do hope a male moves in soon

"Window Pane Lane" Miss Star & Miss Blue Jeans

Also a wonderful anniversary card arrived from Gina it mine and hubbie anniversary on the 15th March, we were both so surprised when this wonderful card came from Gina a wonderful and talentent lady and good friend her blog can be found here

I also made another card using my new stamps Retail therapy Its says on card doctor prescribed retail therapy

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Easel Type Card - Retail Theraphy

I did not follow any instructions to make this card. I just used two cards of the same size and glued them together to make an easel card I made this card for my friend who loves shopping I used Papermania Retail theraphy clear stamps I love these stamps I made the door on the boutique shop so that it opened I added 3d clear gloss to the windows so they looked almost like glass and stuck to two main colours I hope my friend likes it the little stamp words that keep the card upright say " I have been shopping for years & still have nothing to wear"

Monday, 8 March 2010

On Track for December 2010

Finally I have finished my third scarf for 2010 My aim is to make one a month so I should if all goes well end up with 12 scarfs


I was also lucky with this scarf and found a wonderful pair of gloves that go with it very well in M & S 

I have also been making mini books for christmas 2010 there is nothing like getting ready early
The front and backs of two of the books I cannot show the inside as someone who might be getting one, just might have a little lookie at my blog :)

I have also made a tag book

Some of the inside pages on the tag book:) I had fun playing with my zutter making these books

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

No Sew Dotee Dolls

Carole and I have asked if anyone want to join in making a no sew dotee on the do crafts forum  The idear was to make a flat dotee with a ribbon to hang her or him with any shape, any style, I thought I might have a go at doing a "russian doll type dotee" Shes six and quater inches long without her dangly bit

I changed the head from the shape you see here as it was too small for the doll size

The pieces of the doll before I put them together

Before decoration 

Monday, 1 March 2010

Messing with Tim Holtz techiques

I has a go at making a pretty Tim Holtz tag I usually go for duller colours but wanted to try doing same techiques but with a pretty images and colours.

Altered Ikea frames