Friday, 19 March 2010

Christmas 2010 £10 Challenge

Thank you all for your wonderful comments and emails regarding this challenge. Of cause I dont mind if you join in and thank you for all your idears for free "stuff"

Sue and Pat are joining me on this challenge

Idears for free stuff
  1. free dvds from newspapers (thanks for that one sue)
  2. free stuff from freecycle (thanks Carmen)
  3. snipping buttons off old clothes, popping them in coffee jar that you have decorsted free embellishments (thanks Carmen)
  4. Entering Blog candies as many as you can you never know (again thanks Carmen)
  5. Also competitons (thanks Carmen)
  6. Yes Tracy buy one free items do count 
  7. Sall what a good idear re gifting Im sure I must have something 

In fact I am going to save three old jars the same maybe coffee jars decorate, I will fill one with buttons from old clothes One with handmade embellisments with free papers and buttons and odd bits and bobs I have got free the The other I will fill with ribbons off clothes and some I have had given me and string

Any more idears are always welcome Also please feel free to join in I will get some photos up soon


SusieJ said...

Ooh - some good ideas there Alma.
Sue xx

mrs tsv said...

great idea's alma, dont forget the cardboard cases that some of the free cd's come in.
cover them in some pretty papers, and will make great pockets for big tags and photo's.
you could also assemble them into a book form.
hugs gina xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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