Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Recent ATC's I have been making

I promised Sall I would blog the recent ATC's I have been working on, so as promised Sall Five little ATC's all done.

On the docrafts forum, on the scrapbook section quite a few of us are doing an ATC swop each month and this month theme was winter On the right is the wonderful ATC I recieved off Gina :)

Monday, 25 January 2010

The Price of the rubber stamps and craft items was ....

For all 9 rubber stamps it was only ...drum roll....£4.50 BARGAIN!!!!!!So 50pence per stamp:) I was grinning like a cheshire cat when I got them for that price, and all the craft items with rubber stamps came to £40 ...didn't I do well.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Blog Award for Sall, Suzie and Gina

Sall, Suzie and Gina 

To accept the award all you have to do is copy and paste it onto your blog and then pass it onto 3 friends and tell us 3 things you'd NEVER do!!!

I feel blessed !

I feel blessed to have such wonderful friends who support me and go to the trouble to let me know they care with such wonderful gifts and cards on my special day and at other times in the year I would like to thank you all for makig me feel special (((((hugs and sparkles to you all ))))

I recieved some more wonderful cards and gifts for my birthday I would love to share them with you all so made a slide show ...

As per Sue bubbles rules stash was purchased for my birthday, lol My husband and I went out to Topaz crafts and had lunch at Oswaldtwistle Mill  I got loads of bargains which my husband got me as extra birthday gifts:) I got Nine rubber stamps I bet you cant guess how much I paid for them I will show you the stamps you guess, and I will tell you later ...

I also got lots of yummy stash

Can you guess how much I paid for all of it ?

We had a fab day out and I spent yesterday recovering but just had to show you all my wonderful gifts, cards, and purchases :)

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Haunted treasures

Yesterday we went to one of favourite haunts... Bygone times which is a junk come antique place which is housed in an old mill and has a really interesting history It is believe to be haunted by 10 ghosts, and what a wonderful atmosphere  it has. There is a cobbled victoria alley, a penny arcade, ghost trail , cafe, WW11 exhibtion, they even run ghost hunt nights. In fact some of the history of the old Grove Mill is at present being investigated by "Mark Olley" from the historical program lost treasures. (more to follow on this as some point)

Well we arrived at lunch time, had lunch and the staff let us in round the back of the building to the basement as the stairs to it are very steep and too many to do I found three wonderful pieces green glass in the basement I just had to have:) yummy I also found some wonderful wool the type you make scarfs with 12 balls for £5 bargain so I am well stocked with scarf wool.

Next time we go we do a different section of the place, its wonderful as there are so many memories of things we used to use and things you may never have seen ,,,also loads of chairs to sit on as you go round which makes looking possible, also the staff are amazing there and willing to help .

Monday, 18 January 2010

Just what do you do with all those odds and ends of paper ?

I had lots of scraps of paper not big enough for anything much so I punched out some shapes, hubbie punched me some out and I made some flowers added gems, buttons, and tried to make them all different in sets of four so I now have some flowers ready for my lo's or cards or even altered items :) cheap and cheerful

Woohoo!!!!! Crop Class Time

What a wonderful day I had Saturday I had spent days worrying that due to weather I might not be able to go, I had even email claire one of our wonderful and very funny organisers  to say I might not be able to get to class, she had kindly offered to deliever the craft kits if I could not go, but I so wanted to go well Woohoo the weather was in my favour and go I did We did the two above LO off sketches that claire provided, she had also done sample LO's from the sketches. I adaped my LO to fit one photo on each these photos were taken quite some years ago. I was very pleased with the end results.

In the afternoon we made a mini book from a kit I had printed out some snow photos to use in the mini book, which I will keep in my seagrass basket of mini book in my louge:)

The tea and the laughter flowed. They even sang me happy birthday and we had cake :) yummy After class my friend husband picked us up from class and we went back for a brew then home happy and exhauseted and very sore so it was early bed for me :) but so worth it 

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Thank you Doodles for your wonderful award

I was told I had to pass on this award to three people its so hard to choose just three so will think about that then pass it on Also I had to say three things I would never do

I would never knowingly hurt anyone
I would never break wind in public except by accident lol you did ask...
I would never burn or bin books of any kind

My first award how wonderful ...

Finished my third altered Ikea Mirror

These mirrors are just begging to be altered, they start off as just plain pine and you can do anything you wish with them I aim to make five for us for when out hallway is redecorated as I have decided that its about time I could actually see some of my altered and craft items about the home I then want to alter more of these mirrors as gifts as they are such fun to do.

I also altered a empty little pin box measuring two and half inches by 2 roughly, I hate waste and like to see just what can be done with little boxes I made a little nest from wire and threaded in three beads, I added a background pic of a bird next to a nest a green feather to match the eggs Then I added some ribbon to the outside of the box also a metal silver feather charm so cute I will need to think of some way of displaying my little creations at some future date?

I made another one of these little boxes(this box used  to contain paperclips)  some time ago and put a fairy in it with little beads and loads of ribbons they are fun to do and would otherwise just be put in the bin

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Thanks to Val and Sall for helping me with the background

I finally admitted to a few people that I was trying to make a blog all be it not very sucessfully. Its very much in it formative stage and I had no idear how to get the background I wanted Well yesterday try as I might I had no joy at all despite Val giving me some wonderful sights thanks Val However I have just had a "Eureka" moment Sall had sent me a email describing how to do the backgrounds in a way even I could understand so at last I have a background thanks Sall and Val I feeling all proud of myself now

I would also like to thank my friend Sarah for sending me an amazing birthday card, you really are the queen of medallions I have saved every one you have ever sent me I must get them mounted so everyone can admire them, I want to surround myself with things that make me smile :)

Monday, 11 January 2010

Leak Alert

When hubby went down this morning to get our breakfast, he noticed water coming from the washouse ...look like we have a leak so he investigated and we sure do luckily we also had stop tap before leak so used that and will need to get it fixed but lucky for us stop tap was there.

Also today we have rain so let hope it washes some of the ice and snow away from the paths so I can go out :)

Last night we continued with our game The Lost Crown which made me jump at one point lol

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Snow, Snow thick thick Snow ...

Snow, snow it will not go....I do like to look at it I do like to take photos of it but cannot walk in it so I had enough of it now Yesterday our housing Association rang us up to see if we were warm enough and had supplies which I thought was marvelous Also they said if we need anything or shopping doing doing just ring and they will get for us

Christmas Memories

Well what a wonderful christmas we had this year. I approached christmas as a crafter making my own christmas cards to send out, and decorations to put on our tree, It evoked strong memories of my childhood christmas making crepe paper decoration with my papents to hang around our "living room" as we called it, we also make red roses mounted on wire which we dipped in wax to keep them nice and add an effect.

We took one of grandson to see father christmas and had a wonderful day out, father christmas was so wonderful he was very chatty and spent a long time with each child he also had a post box where you could post him your christmas list he even gave you some paper and would lend you a pen if you did not have one we had a marvelous day Our grandson got lots of little treasures he wanted to buy decorations for his tree, sweets, chocs, book bird house, crafting items he got his grandad some posh marmalade for christmas, and he got me a little fluffy pig I collect pigs (little ones) We had lunch out and morning and afternoon tea :) We went in the craft shop in the afternoon and had great fun choosing stash for me and my grandson who also enjoys crafting from time to time :)

We had a wonderful white christmas just like the christmas cards

We had christmas morning at home and later went to my sons and his wifes where we met up with grandaughter, ex mother in law/friend, and grandson we had a wonderful day :)

Altered Ikea frames