Thursday, 2 February 2012

A new sewing Machine

My husband got me a new sewing machine for my birthday as one of the things I want to do is learn to sew better than I can at present he also got me a couple of books to help
and another one I have not taken a photo of yet. One of the things I really want to be able to do is applique. I really love all the wonderful cushions that are about. We had a ride out to a sewing shop to get some material and advice for one of my birthday surprises the lady there was really helpful and told me how to set up my machine .

So today I have had a  little play. I used some material I have had for a while. Firstly I die cut a heart out with my big shot, then I also used a new tea towel to sew the heart onto, (from the pound shop)  I then wanted to make it into a cushion  cover so I used more of the material I had lying around and did some embroidery stitches with the machine on it and made a stripe to bring the back in to match the front anyway here are the results of my playing a new cushion which I am very pleased with

Now not perfect but not bad for a first go and still good enought to give a extra gift Next time I will get the heart higher up and more in

Thank you for all my wonderful Birthday cards

As its my birthday season I thought I would thank everyone who sent me a little gift or card , or tag, I really do love them all and will treasure them
The wonderful card my son and DIL sent me
thanks Carole for the fab card
I was sorting through some old papers of my mum's who  sadly is no longer with us and came across this card as I am here own daughter I guess it must have been for me I was so surprised to find it and also so sad that my mum is no longer here I must admit I shed some tears on finding it but thought as it was mine It was only right to display it with the other, thanks MUM xxx miss you
Thanks Antony and Deb for these wonderful flower love the colours and they fill the room with such a wonderful scent xx

Thanks Elaine such a lot of cutting (left card) you really are a talented crafter. Thanks Claire and Gwyneth for such a cute card love it  

Left thanks to Sarah for such and original card such fun it made me smile, thanks Val for the fab card

Harley thank you for your thoughtful card and such nice words, you really do pick very nice gifts and cards love you loads xx
thanks Lynn for such a nice cards you know I love Roses Lynn and I have been friends since school many many years hehe.
Thank Maria for the wonderful card, and thank Donna for the fab tag
Thanks Shirley for the fab card, I just love it , and thanks Donna for the cure bear card
Thank you Sue for such a wonderful card and gifts which came this morning you know mes o well

These owls are so cute and are hanging from the draws in my bedroom, thanks Carole for making them for me they are very special, I wish I could sew as well as you.

Altered Ikea frames