Thursday, 2 February 2012

A new sewing Machine

My husband got me a new sewing machine for my birthday as one of the things I want to do is learn to sew better than I can at present he also got me a couple of books to help
and another one I have not taken a photo of yet. One of the things I really want to be able to do is applique. I really love all the wonderful cushions that are about. We had a ride out to a sewing shop to get some material and advice for one of my birthday surprises the lady there was really helpful and told me how to set up my machine .

So today I have had a  little play. I used some material I have had for a while. Firstly I die cut a heart out with my big shot, then I also used a new tea towel to sew the heart onto, (from the pound shop)  I then wanted to make it into a cushion  cover so I used more of the material I had lying around and did some embroidery stitches with the machine on it and made a stripe to bring the back in to match the front anyway here are the results of my playing a new cushion which I am very pleased with

Now not perfect but not bad for a first go and still good enought to give a extra gift Next time I will get the heart higher up and more in


Carole said...

Lovely new cushion! Looking forward to seeing what you make next - there will be no holding you back now Alma!

Hugs, Carole xxx

fatmonica said...

It's lovely!I love the colour and the heart.

Claireliz said...

That is lovely, well done you, I really do need to get my sewing machine out & remember how to use it.
C xx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

lovely cushion alma, you've done a fab job, cannot wait to see what else you make...

I've a sewing machine, but always forget how to use all the extras on it... so it's great you have someone to help you..

maria xx

sutty said...

It's day I would love to make quilts they are sooo beautiful - just need lots of space :)

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