Sunday, 24 January 2010

I feel blessed !

I feel blessed to have such wonderful friends who support me and go to the trouble to let me know they care with such wonderful gifts and cards on my special day and at other times in the year I would like to thank you all for makig me feel special (((((hugs and sparkles to you all ))))

I recieved some more wonderful cards and gifts for my birthday I would love to share them with you all so made a slide show ...

As per Sue bubbles rules stash was purchased for my birthday, lol My husband and I went out to Topaz crafts and had lunch at Oswaldtwistle Mill  I got loads of bargains which my husband got me as extra birthday gifts:) I got Nine rubber stamps I bet you cant guess how much I paid for them I will show you the stamps you guess, and I will tell you later ...

I also got lots of yummy stash

Can you guess how much I paid for all of it ?

We had a fab day out and I spent yesterday recovering but just had to show you all my wonderful gifts, cards, and purchases :)


jan said...

wow Alma, such lovely stash, gorgeous stamps etc., well done, Jan x

mrs tsv said...

oh wow alma, you did do well. i know topaz has had a big sale recently so im saying the stamps cost £10 and that is the very LEAST as youve got some big ones there.
and as for the costs of your other items, i will say £20 but i think it will be more than that.

and you are special alma, to all of us.
hugs gina xxxxxxxxxxx

Sall said...

Ohhh such gorgeous stuff, wow can I come play?

I'm guessing stamps were between £5 and £10 as there are some really great sales at the moment and the whole lot £20 - £25

Hi I'm Maria... said...

WOW what a lovely stahs haul alma, well done, but remember you have to buy stash for a week, sue birthday rules., lol..

and cannot guess how much you spent, come one tell us?

Pleased you had a lovely birthday with lot of lovely cards and goodies...

maria x

Joanne said...

Fab stash there Alma, great haul, see birthdays are so worth celebrating!

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