Saturday, 13 March 2010

£10 & free items christmas present challenge 2010 , My friend and I

My friend and are doing a £10 christmas gift challenge this year for each other. The rules are:-
  1.  The gift must only cost £10
  2.  However you can also included anything you get for free in with the gifts
  3.  In fact the more free gifts the better 
  4. Even the wrapping can be free so cuts down on cost 
  5. Some ribbon given to me by my daughter in law 

So free gifts with magazines, things you get free with soap powder, teabags etc, anything anyone gives you, free items you can send for. The friend I am doing this with has not yet discovered my blog, buts she sneaky and might so I cannot tell you everything My friend also crafts. I have so far but I will tell you a few items so you get the idear

  1. A set of screwdrivers three I got in a cracker:)
  2. A book I got from a bookshelves where you can exchange one for another so that makes it free
  3. Some free stash from a magazine 
We got the idear for this from claire who joinly runs our crop group she does it every year with her friend, and it sounded real fun, my friend thought so to so we agreed to try it Its great fun trying to think how to get free stuff

Now you have heard of our little game any idears for free stuff would be most welcome I want to give her the biggest present I can for only £10 I will photograph it all and share it later on in the year and maybe the odd items as I collect them

If any of you decided to join in this challenge please can you tell me so we can follow each other blogs and share idears :) 


SusieJ said...

This challenge I like Alma! I'll see if Pat's up for this and let you know. I have some small "cracker items" somewhere.
Brilliant idea - thanks so much for passing it on.
Sue xx

craftattack said...

Good luck with getting lots of freebies. You are very resourceful, so I am sure you will get a G-I-A-N-T parcel for her!

Claireliz said...

Sounds like a fun challenge, have fun collecting freebies :)

Carmen said...

This sounds such fun! Hmmm - being on a stash ban inbetween Ally Pally shows makes it very creative work getting stuff on the cheap or for free in between the shows. I can recommend Freecycle, keep an eye on that. Snipping buttons off old clothes and popping them in a coffee jar, decorate that - free embellies ;) Enter as many blog candies as you can - you think you'll never win but you'd be surprised. Enter competitions, lots of competitions. Again you'd be surprised if you enter enough what you'll win. Readitswapit - online book swap. I'll have a think see if I can think of anything else...

ScrappySuzanne said...

This sounds like it could be fun! I am going to watch this one with anticipation!
Suzanne x

Tracey said...

Oh wow what an absolutely amazing idea, can't wait to see all the 'free' stuff as you collect it, if I can get any ideas I will let you know - do 'buy one get one free' items count ????? XXX

Anonymous said...

Try using presents given to you that you don't like/want/use.

Hi I'm Maria... said...

oh what a fun idea alma, cannot wait to see a photo of what you collect...

maria x

debbi taylor said...

this is a fantastic idea - my crafty friends and I are always exchanging stash would that count?? you are not buying the items - you could add a % to the present!

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