Monday, 1 February 2010

Getting ready for Christmas, lol yes really

Well last christmas it sort of snuck up on me, and announced it arrival..."I behind you it shouted" lol So this year, I will have the advantage of being ahead of it and trust me I am keeping my eyes over my shoulder so it has no time to catch me unawares. I have already made some tags for christmas gifts from old christmas cards(but not handcrafted one I keep them all) I have now completed my first scarf for next year, they are nice and easy to make 20 stitches and three balls of wool, they also look wonderful and are nice and warm. I have added a tag to it which says "handcrafted with love from alma x"

During last week I was still recieving birthday cards and gifts, its wonderful to have a birthday season rather than day thank you for your wonderful card suzie

Elaine & Allan thank you for your wonderful card and gifts I felt so spoilt, wonderful craft stash, jewellery,
a red velvet skirt, cash top buy even more stash
and ticket to see a show later in the year how wonderful I was so surprised I was lost for words
and anyone who know me will know that not something that happens often thank you both so much:)

Carole thank you for you stunning card and wonderful little hart its so cute I have hung it up in my craft room but I think I have an new place to hang them I just need to try it then i can show you all

Today I am hoping to do a valentine card for my hubbie which I cannot put on here for fear he may wander in and see it also want to try and make a start on some male birthday cards i have three to make, I always think male cards are harder to make


craftattack said...

Wow, Alma, you have been busy! We can celebrate Xmas in March at this rate!

carolejgriffin said...

Yay! I love having a birthday "season" rather than just a day, but once again apologies for the delay. Glad you liked my card and little gift, I'm intrigued about the new place to hang it!!! Carole xxx

mrs tsv said...

love your scarf alma, i will have to invest in some of that wool. its beautiful and will make great prezzies.
your cards and atc's are beautiful
hugs gina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

well done alma, love your scarf, it's fab and cannot believe you've finihsed your first christmas present in january...

and know what you mean about christmas sneaking up on you, it does that to me too, how dare it, lol...

maria x

ScrappySuzanne said...

Your scarf looks realy cosy soft! But wish you would stop swearing saying that "C" word.
Thanks for sharing with us.

ScrappySuzanne said...

Your scarf looks realy cosy soft! But wish you would stop swearing saying that "C" word.
Thanks for sharing with us.

ScrappySuzanne said...
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SueB said...

Wow! Well done Alma!!! It's just beautiful!!! You're sooo organised too!
I love your crafty mo jo!

Suzie xxxx :)

Carmen said...

You aren't alone :) I'm right here with you. I'm determined to have a homemade Christmas this year. In fact there is a whole bunch of likeminded nutters over on the MSE forum posting ideas and inspiration daily. You should come join us. There is a linky on my sidebar to the thread... hold up, I'll go get it... here we are. Come say hi :P (I'm whoopidoo over there, same as UKS)

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