Thursday, 25 February 2010

Miss Green arrived in the big city

A couple of days ago Miss Green arrived, after the initial shock of all the noise and being squished throught the letter box, she tells me they were a bit rough with her, she finds she really likes it here and is getting on fine with her new neighbours in Window Pane lane. We think she looks like a real country bumkin, thank you so much Carole I will treasure her always. So without further ado....drum is Miss Green the country bumkin

Look at that smile, it really does never leave her face, she just loves it here:)

Carole also send me a wonderful card which I just have to show you
I also finsihed making my friends daughter her milk carton gifts No matter how I tried I could not get the true colour to come out they are purple and do look much better than the photo honest
One of the cartons has  jelly babies in, the other has a ribbon brooch I made her in it 


Thanks again Carole for the wonderful dotee doll:)


carolejgriffin said...

I'm so glad you love her and have obviously made her feel very much at home - you're right, that smile just never leaves her face!!! You'll make her into a city girl before she knows what hit her!!!

Looking forward to the next swap!!!

Carole xxx

ScrappyDandyDoo said...

Ooooo lovely :D

Kerry said...

She is gorgeous. You are a lucky girl.

craftattack said...

Lovely things Alma, well done!

Hi I'm Maria... said...

miss green looks right at home with you alma, you can see by the way she smiles, lol... (well done carole)...

and love your milk cartons, they're fab...

maria x

Claireliz said...

Gorgeous doll, you are very lucky. Gorgeous gifts too.

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