Thursday, 18 February 2010

So how did the handbag template go?

My first handbag made with the handbag template I used double sided thick paper 12x12 size I worked with the template exactley as it is, but to me, although nice it feels a bit flat so I might have a do at one with more depth to it, how, not a clue yet but quite pleased with this one

The inside of the card I stuck on chatsworth notelet and added abow so I could write a greeting inside the card I also added a velcro dot to close the bag

Oh I forgot to show you the wonderful cushion my husband got me for Valentines day, hes knows me so well


I adore it look at all those cups of tea, my idear of heaven :)


Anne said...

Love the card - and adore that cushion! I wish my OH was that well trained in present buying!

craftattack said...

Lovely bag, lovely cushion, well done, Alma.

Hi I'm Maria... said...

love your handbag card alma, well done...

and love your cushion, yes he knows you so well, lol...

maria x

Anonymous said...

fab bag, Love that cusion where did your husband buy it?

Pretty-In-Ink said...

It turned out fabulous! Well done!
and your cushion is beautiful! what a lovely hubby you have!

Claireliz said...

Gorgeous handbag card & thanks for leaving a lovely comment on my blog too.

sue-bubbles said...

Your handbag card is gorgeous Alma, well worth all your effort! I wonder if you simply created a fold in the an upside-down V..that might work to make it more fat. You could adjust the pattern when cutting it to add in a bit extra to accomodate this?

Your cushion is divine...welldone Mr Greenhaze!

Sue x

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