Friday, 12 February 2010

Woohoo ! What a Surprise

I am often to be found on the  Do Crafts Forum happily chatting to my friends When I saw a thread posted by Sue -Bubbles entitled “Congratulations to Alma and Mandy” I thought congratulations what for? So I open  the thread to see what we were being congratulated about, well to say I was shocked would be an understatement it seems we were both sharing a page in the latest addition of scrapbook Magazine (issue 44) with our projects, well it’s the first I knew of it, but I knew exactly which LO I had, had published as I had only ever sent one to a magazine and it was an Autumn LO from Issue 41 using there free papers So today I have been out and got Scrapbook Magazine I am so chuffed Mandy who is also a member of do crafts forums won letter of the day, well done Mandy enjoy your stashJ I got a half a full page LO so was so chuffed I was grinning from ear to ear and had to pose reading the magazine and pointing at my LO Thanks for letting me know Sue I must say issue 44 is full of yummy ideas I simply have to give a go

Hubbie asked me to pose with the Scrapbook Magazine
A closer View of my Layout

I was also lucky enough to win some yummy blog candy off Kate   

Thank you so much Kate for such wonderful Blog Candy I look forward to using it :) 

So february has been a very lucky month for me so far:) they say good things come in three I wonder what other nice and unexpected thing will happen to me?


sue-bubbles said...

Maybe you are the lucky winner of the £56million euro lottery Alma - now wouldnt that just be the cherry on top lol!
What a fabulous photo Alma, you will of course have to scrap it! I was so happy to see your LO in the mag, and Im proud to have such talented and lovely ladies as my friends!
Sue x

Anonymous said...

nice work congrats on getting your work published love hubbie mike

Pretty-In-Ink said...

Oooooooh! congratulations! how exciting! It's no surprise though, coz your layout is gorgeous!

carolejgriffin said...

Hi Alma, fab scrapbook page and well done on getting your work published! Love your proud pose with the magazine too! I've made a start on your dotee, so although not unexpected, I hope you will think she is nice!!!
Hugs, Carole xxx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

Oh congratulations alma on being published, that's fab news and just love your photo...

and yes think that is waiting to be scraped too, well done...

maria x

Linda Elbourne said...

Congratulations ... there is nothing like that just published feeling :0) Enjoy X

Rachel said...

wow congratulations on being published

Dan said...

Congrats on being published, that's fantastic! :)

mrs tsv said...

congratulations alma, and so deserved.
can i have your autograph please?
fab blog candy, this has really been your week, for surprises.
hugs gina xxxxxxxxxx

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