Saturday, 12 June 2010

My New Outdoor Garden lights

We got these outdoor lights from B & Q only £10, they are such wonderful green flowers I just knew they would look wonderful on my arch in the garden, I have never taken and outdoor photo before at night so was quite pleased with the photo I took The plant growing round my arch is a grape vine, last year it had grapes on, which looked wonderful. They never got big enough to eat, however they did look very decorative and the birds loved them


SueB said...

Oh Wow!!!! Alma this looks so stunning, you can almost imagine little fairies dancing around it, it looks just wonderful and magical!
I too ofcourse love the green, lol! they give a really soft effect, just love it Alma! and your photo is wonderful too :)

Suzie xxxxx :)

DGgirl said...


Your lights look gorgeous. I just love outdoor lighting and used to use it a lot when the kids were young and we had more parties in the summer.



SusieJ said...

They look enchanting Alma - what a cool spot in the garden.
Sue xx

Carole said...

Oh WOW Alma, they are just gorgeous, and what a great photo, it really captures a lovely summer evening! Hope you get to sit outside and enjoy them (how romantic!)

Big hugs

Carole xxx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

fab photo alma, and cools lights, they look so magical...

maria x

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