Thursday, 16 June 2011

Have you used every single rubber/acrylic other stamp you have purchased

One of my friends and I were discussing how to store wooden based rubber stamps, well my storage of choice are the 12x12 boxes intended for paper but fab for storage of rubber stamps well 14 boxes later my wooden based stamps are stored.

While added them to the boxes I realised I had not used a great many of y stamps, my friend was just the same so our challenge to each other is to use every one of our rubber stamps at least once, they can be used on cards, LO's, ATC's. alter art, bookmarks, tags the list is as endless as your imagination We are also going to use all our other stamps in the same way I am on box one and will add some of my creations for you to see shortly I am making a list of the ones I have used and what I have made with them as I go along
I am also including stencils I have purchased these are my the first batch all cards.


Jingle said...

That sounds like a fun challenge! I love these cards!

craftattack said...

Lovely cards, nice to see you back again!

SusieJ said...

Quite a challenge Alma and, in answer to your question, no, I haven't used all my stamps! Naughty me!
Loving your cards - you have some great stamps.
Hugs xx

Marjie Kemper said...

Such a great challenge! Love what you've done so far. Good luck with the other 13 boxes!!

Hi I'm Maria... said...

love the cards alma, and what a fab idea with using them all...

good luck with that, and look forward to seeing what you do with them all...xx

maria xx

Carole said...

Yay! Alma's back blogging!!! Missed you!

Great cards - especially loving the one with the little boy holding the pressie!

Thanks for all the comments you left on my blog the other day you must have been exhausted after all that commenting!!!

Hugs, Carole xxx

gwyneth said...

Some lovely cards Alma. If i used all the stamps I bought I could be here for some time but a good challenge. I may well try.

SueB said...

Hi Alma!

Horray! I'm finally back in the land of blogging. I've had lots of problems with leaving comments and updating my blog, but today I have managed to do both :)

It's wonderful to see you blogging too! And what a fab challenge and wonderful cards!

So sorry I didn't hear back from your with regards to the swap, I did leave a message for you, suggesting you swap with me, but perhaps you missed that.

Would be up for a swap with you any time Alma, just say the word :) it sounds like you're going to kept pretty busy with all those stamps mind, lol!

Suzie xxxxx :)

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