Friday, 16 September 2011

Fallen Leaves

When reading my copy of craft stamper I came across a design by Jean Franks Beck using fallen leaves, I loved it so much I wanted to have a go. My grandson picked up some leaves for me and I was good to go I did not have any tissue paper which was what Jean had used so I used Toilet paper which worked quite well

Jeans design which is a mini book

My version which I made into an Autumn card for my husband and he can leave it up all Autumn, I must say he loved it My heart shaped leave is rubber stamp and I put it on sideways onto the page it also meant I was using another one of my stamps for my friend and I stamp challenge


Hi I'm Maria... said...

love it alma and can see why mike did too...

what a lovely idea having it out all autumn, in fact a brill idea, especially when you have grotty weather outside..xx

maria xx

Sarah Liz said...

Wow this is fab, Alma - love the colours and composition and I should think Mike did too! Purrs from Blaze & the rest of the gang, S x

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