Monday, 24 January 2011

It's amazing what you find when having a sort out

Whilst having a sort out out of a couple of boxes in my craft room (which still need a name, I not found one that quite fits yet) I came across some backgrounds and toppers that needed putting together so I made a couple of quickie cards from my finds one for a new baby girl and one an open card which turned out quite well


craftattack said...

Lovely cards, Alma, the green eyed one is really eye-catching!

jeanie g said...

I love the cards Alma, I like the green-eyed one too!

Hi I'm Maria... said...

lovely cards alma and WELL DONE on having a tidy up, (as it's lead you to crafting, lol)...xx

maria xx

mrs tsv said...

how dramatic, i love the green one. who ever recieves that one will be very lucky. its stunning.
love the little girl card, the sparkly feet so cute.
well done on having a sort out, it is amazing what we can find. exciting too.
lots of hugs alma.
gina xxxxxx

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